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Web design or web site design London, what is the default understanding, what does it really means, recommendations and other useful information to help understand the web design term

Web design or webdesign gives meaning - usually for people with less knowledge or novice internet users - web site development which consists in: the conception of the structure, making the graphical user interface, coding the web site and the input of data in a variety of texts, images, audio, video or others.

In the case above, the required steps for developing a web site are:

What does web design or web site design really mean?

Web design or web site design is the process of developing the graphical user interface, for the whole web site in general or customized for specific sections of it. Usually this is split into main sections in a combination that meets the client requests:

Those above are a mix of backgrounds, menus, buttons, lists, image galleries, video galleries, articles, forms, tables, fonts, paragraphs, titles and subtitles etc. Here are defined their colors, fixed sizes, fluid sizes, different elements positions and other operations mandatory to fulfill the client's needs.

My personal recommendation, witch i formed along many years, is to go for a web design as simple as possible, use as few images as you can, and to avoid the use of JavaScript of Flash objects (with the exception when those are really needed). If you use lots of graphical elements, JavaScripts, Flash objects, the web site will load slower in the first place, and after the loading the browser needs to render the web site, which will also take more time, finally this will lead to more time the visitor just seats and does nothing. This may drive them to leave your web site.

There are of course solid exceptions from the recommendation of choosing a simple web site design. In those situations lots of graphics can be used, eventually Adobe Flash objects or even the entire web site to be developed in Full Flash technology. This kind of web sites are usually meant for presentations or they already have a strong brand defined and the sources from where the traffic comes to the web site are other than internet search engines like internet advertising, radio, TV, other commercials or street/indoor banners, you got the idea.